Keep getting multiple tasks of the same task in Planner when a new email arrives.

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I am using this template: 

Create Planner task and add attachments to SharePoint on new email arrival


It is working, however when I get a new email it creates at least 3 new tasks in Planner of the same task, and they are all differently updated.


for example, does not always happen in this order.

1st task. task has the name of email subject and me assigned to it

2nd task. everything from 1 + body of email has been added

3rd task. everything from 2 +  the attachment has been added


Any ideas why the Power Automate(Flow) is creating so many of the same tasks?


Here is the flow order

Flow order.png

Apply to each flow order


Apply to each flow order.png
Here is the complete Flow order everything opened

Steps 1-3.pngSteps 4-5.pngSteps 6-8.pngSteps 9-10 last step.png

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