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I am running into a frustrating situation.

Our current maintenance tracking software exports forecast reports in pdf.

I have managed to turn that into an excel spreadsheet easily enough with columns for task name, due date and the tasks being all day events.

I have also managed to convert the lists into ics files an import them into Office 365 Calendar.


Why am i not able to import the list, with the due dates, into Office 365 Planner as easy as Calendar?

I do not want to type in 200 plus tasks for 15 different aircraft when i already have an Excel list.

As this is a weekly updated list, it will become too time consuming to be feasible.


Planner would be a much better option for my Maintenance Team to be able to use rather than the Calendar.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Planner and that style doesn't work as a task list / checkoff list / todo list anyway wehn your using it as a day to day type of setup, it's more a brainstorming big picture task holistic view of Items IMO. I would recommend you use a SharePoint task list. Preferable just a custom list for tasks. This works way better than a calendar / planner etc. You can even have a "Calendar" view of those tasks if you need that.

And here is the helping hand for you. Apps4.Pro Planner Manager will best suite for your need. Alternately you can try as in this blog.

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Hi Chris why don't you use iPlanner reporting for Excel? This is a Planner add-in for Excel. You can

  1. Get tasks from one or more Plans. This means also work across Plans
  2. Push updates back from Excel to the Planner
  3. Create a new Plan including buckets and Tasks in Excel and create all in the Online Planner
  4. Create a new Plan in Excel based on a copy of an existing Plan

I think this is exactly the tool you are looking for. AppSource Store


Contact me for a demo.




This sounds like it would work for me!

I will pass the info on to our IT department to get me set up...

Thanks for the assistance Alon!

I had a look at this before but our IT department didn't want to use it.

Thanks for the help though!

Hi Chris Do you know why? I mean the Office 365 Add-in is based on the new Modern Office 365 model. NOT a COM add-in. Nothing is installed and it is based on the security model of Office 365. If you are interested I can send you an email with a document that describe the security model and why your IT should not be worried at all.  Actually modern Office 365 add-ins gives no issues and no maintenance for IT.   

Hi Everyone,


Thank you all for the assistance but I have switched over to ViewMinder Calendar.

It does everything i was trying to do in Planner and Office 365 Calendar but without all the headaches and extra conversion software and steps.


Thank you once again though!