How to use Planner to manage a one-year social media calendar

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I am planning a social media calendar for 2021 and wondering how best to organise this in Planner.

I will be working alone.

Each month will have a theme, around which I will base the content.

There will be one main type of content per week, probably a 10 minute video. That video will be broken down into small pieces of content, to be posted every day. This could be text, audio, 30-60 second videos.

There will be several platforms e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook (maybe - though reach is very poor), possibly Instagram.

Can Planner handle this level of complexity?

If so, any suggestions for organising it? For example, I wonder if it's best to create a separate plan for each Month. However, it might be better to create a plan per week, given the amount of content.


Thanks, Tony

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If this is a Planner Plan you are only going to use, I think just a single Planner Plan could be enough and you could have a Bucket for each month

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Thank you for your response.

Might it not get a bit crowded though - one bucket per month, 4 types of content, 3 or 4 platforms, daily posts?


Would putting all that content into one bucket work?