How to Save a MS Planner Board and Share it With a Client

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One of my service offerings as a consultant is setting up Microsoft 365 for mentors, coaches and consultants.  I am a Coach and have build a proprietary coaching management system in Teams and MS Planner.


I just built out a new client in Microsoft 365.  They are a totally different tenant/account etc.


I know Planner has the ability to copy plans from one group to another.  I have done this.


Is there a way to copy a plan to a customers Microsoft 365 which is a totally different tenant?


I have a number of "MS Planner Templates" I want to just port over to clients without having to Re-Build them

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No with out of the box features, but as you can export a Planner Plan to Excel you could technically be able to copy Planner Data to another Planner Plan (even on another tenant) by using Graph APIs