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A user needs to turn off all email notifications from Planner (within Teams).


We have unchecked notifications in but the user contines to receive notifications for comments etc. We don't want to turn them off for all users centrally. Is there anywhere else that these can be controlled from?

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Hi @rebecca_barnshaw,

To turn off all email notifications from Planner within Teams for your specific user, unchecking the notifications in the interface is the default method. But, you can also check these settings (as a additional workaround):

  1. Check Microsoft Teams notification settings:

    • Open Microsoft Teams and click on the user's profile picture or initials in the top-right corner.
    • Choose "Settings" from the dropdown menu.
    • Review the notification settings related to Planner in the "Notifications" section and ensure they are disabled or set to "Off" for the user.

  2. Check Planner notification settings in Teams:

    • In Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Planner app or a specific Planner tab.
    • Click on the three dots (...) next to the name of the Planner.
    • Select "Channel notifications" or "Tab notifications," depending on the context.
    • Confirm that email notifications related to comments or other activities are disabled for the user.

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