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Can we have language based on the user for Planner or will it be the same as the owner of the planned who created the project in Planner. 

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The language of the Planner tool is always based on the language settings of the user. Whatever language is used for the bucket descriptions, task descriptions etc. will always be based on what the creator has used as input language.

As far as I know there is no language setting for plans.

Do you mean to say that irrespective of the language of the user who created the planner, user will have planner displayed as per user system language? I have a case where I have my O365 language in one language(English) and my system language in a different language(German). If I create a new plan and share with a user having O365 language and System Language as English, Will the user have Planner in English or German
IMHO, Mike is correct
I have observed that If I have any second language added in IE settings (German was second and English was first) Planner takes German. When I remove German and keep English as only language in IE settings all works well.
What is very weird, isn't it?
Yes. Absolutely no clue:(
It works. Thanks!

@Rashid Mohammed 


I experience when I create a Planner from an account using en-us language and then share the URL with users using other languages (e.g. de-de), the language remains the same as the one who created it.


I found that the URL to the Planner project contains "en-us"...this can be changed to the language this case de-de.

When language codes in URL is changed, the language shows correctly.


Hope this helps :)