Create a plan associated with an existing group

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                   We have a group that was created. Not sure how. Maybe by Teams, maybe by Office 365 group.


When I click on planner it errors and says:


Oops, something went wrong ...
This plan is not available. The plan may have been deleted, or you no longer have access to it.
Is there a way to create a plan associated to a group that alread exisits?



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When you create a Group you have a Planner Plan so the error you are having is not expected and if does not matter if the Group was created from Teams or any other service that creates Groups in Office 365

This is the error I am seeing. planner_error_solutions_delivery.png


Any suggestions on hwo to correct it?

I am seeing the same thing with groups that I created from within Teams.

I have the same problem ... an existing group has no plan .... how to create one connected to the group?