Cannot delete a Planner Bucket

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Hello Planner team, I have noticed that when you try to delete a bucket (... -> Delete -> Delete) the button does not work and the bucket is not removed. This happens when the bucket is empty.


I was able to replicate this issue both on Firefox 57.0 and MS Edge 40.15063. The steps to replicate are creating a new bucket (without adding any tasks to it) and then trying to delete. The workaround I used for this problem was to create a new empty task on the bucket and them delete it.


I haven't found this issue reported before, but please let me know if this is the intended behaviour or is already being looked into.


Best regards.

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@Deleted, yes, I have also found this behaviour in Edge.  Thank you for the tip and work-around.  I have searched a little on this and have not found any other solutions to date.

Let me add a #MeToo to this one. I found the same problem, and the same workaround.

Hello Andre! 


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. A work item has been created and completed for this issue - we will be releasing the fix to production as soon as it's approved. This will allow you to delete a bucket without tasks.


Let me know if this continued to be an issue for you.




Joanna Parkhurst

Has this fix been deployed? I am still unable to delete a bucket. Thanks!

Hi Kory


You can delete a bucket (and tasks within it if you wish) by moving the mouse to the top right side of the bucket, clicking onto the ellipses (...) [ellipses is hidden until you hover in line with the bucket name] and selecting Delete.




Just make sure that you move any tasks you don't want to lose before you delete the bucket.


**Note: I have also deleted an empty bucket and it works fine.


Hope that helps.




I can 100% concur - thanks @damien. (...and for the nice screenshots!)

@Damien Rosario 

Thanks my man.  Well done!  Three years later :0 !!


>>> [ellipses is hidden until you hover in line with the bucket name] 

Is this a common UI behavior ?  I've never bumped into it, or even seen it documented.  Seems like v poor design, because this question (how to delete a bucket?) is asked over and over without a solution.


But, belated thanks!!

thank you indeed