Can't Assign a Team Owner to a Task in MS Teams

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  • So, I am a member of a team with 2 owners. I am a global admin...but not the owner of the the team.
  • I created a planner and a task
  • I assigned 2 members of the team to the task
  • When I click on assign, I see all of the members and only 1 of the 2 owners available
  • Why is 1 of the owners not available for me to select when assigning tasks?
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@Michael Malloy Is the 1 of the 2 owners is as member of the plan?

@Michael Malloy I am having the same issue now. Did you ever find a solution to this?

@PeterMortensen I honestly don't remember. I feel like I had to remove the owner and add them back or something like that. Sorry for not remembering and good luck!

@Michael Malloy Thanks for getting back to me in any case!

Hi @PeterMortensen and @Michael Malloy, we just had a similar case at our end. 


So a task in Planner could not be assigned to one of the team owners. 


Solution. The owner has to also be member on the underlying Office365 group. This can be checked and set in O365 Admin Center -> Groups. Search the group and check Members. The owner you could not assign a task is probably not listed as member. Once you add the owner as member you should be able to assign the task to the owner.
I have noticed that this is also the reason for error message "Failed to create the plan" that owners might face in Teams when trying to add a Planner tab.
For more detailed info please read this blog post
Hope this helps!
br, Tony

Hi @Tony Storbäck, thank you very much for sharing! I am not an admin unfortunately, so can't say yet if this was the problem - sounds likely though. Hopefully this will solve my issue, once I get IT on it.


Thanks again :D