Can I gather a summary of outstanding Planner tasks for individuals across many Teams

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Our marketing team (6 people) are each a member of the same Team in Microsoft Teams. (called Communications)


Inside the Communications Team, each person has a channel of their own with their own individual planner board containing personal tasks (We are not yet in Exchange in the cloud so cannot use ToDo, so this is our only option right now to track individual tasks).


Inside the Communications Team there is also a channel for each Event we put on for the community. Inside each Event channel in the Communications Team there is a planner for that event in which each of the the 6 team members are assigned individual tasks for that event. 


Also, each of the Marketing team members are members of other Teams in the organisation of which they are assigned Planner tasks in those Teams. 


The Marketing manager has asked me to figure out how to gather a combined list of outstanding tasks for every one of her team members across all the organisational Teams each of them are a member of. 


I am wondering if there is a way to do this? Any ideas, and thank you in advance. 


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Every individual user can see his/her consolidated tasks in the Tasks by Planner and To Do App. If you want your manager to see all those tasks in a consolidated way, there is not a builtin feature that make the work and you could possible opt for:
(1) Explore if with PowerAutomate you can get those tasks and consolidate them in an e-mail, SharePoint list, etc
(2) By custom development
Alternately you can use third-party apps such as Apps4.Pro Planner to get it done.