BUG in Comments Email

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I have found that after a Planner Task has been created. If you change the Title of the Task, any subsequent emails that are sent when someone makes a comment will contain the original Title and not the revised Title. This is very confusing to Users!

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Yep, a bug that should be fixed

Did this bug get on the bug fix list because it's still a problem. Is it possible to get an ETA on when it might get fixed?

Just tried it and the mail I got had the new task name!! So it seems to be fixed!


/ ADam

Unfortunately, it's not fixed. Please see the test I just did. Note the subject line of the email referencing the old name of the task and the notation in the very same email calling out the new name. When a task owner is expecting a new task name and get's the old one in the subject line it creates confusion.

Alright! I didn’t get this! I’ll try to recreate the issue


Thanks! I simply created a task and initially named it "DEVELOPMENT TEST" and then added the task. I then added a comment and sent it. Then changed the name and added an additional comment and sent it.

Yup! I could recreate it now! Still there...

How do we ensure that it's on the list of Bugs to fix? Or does this dialogue guarantee that?

No, unfortunately not! I’ll look into it! Juan might know !