Add Outlook tasks to Planner

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I would like to view outlook tasks that I already have setup in planner. Can this be done?

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There isn't this integration built-in from what I have seen but with Microsoft Flow, you can get something similar for new Outlook tasks - Create tasks in Planner for new Outlook Tasks.  Also, you can do it the other way around by the looks of it - See your Planner calendar in Outlook.


Integration with outlook tasks is a much-requested feature but in a recent update the product team explained their integration will be with To-Do instead, going forward:


"We also want to clarify confusion on why we’re integrating with To-Do rather than Outlook. Because Outlook Tasks on the web is being replaced with the To-Do web experience (100% consumer, and targeted release in March), this will be available to all Outlook Web users in addition to To-Do users. So, we’re integrating with To-Do because Outlook tasks will be To-Do tasks."

This you can through a number of third party Add-ins.

@kathrynr  I believe TO-DO can help you which is also part of the O365 bundle.