Add a link to an Outlook for web email to a Planner task as an attachment

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I want to manually add a link to a particular Outlook for web email to a Planner task as an attachment. When I click on the attachment in the Planner task, I want the email to open in a new browser tab.


I'm aware of how to create a Power Automate flow that will turn a flagged email into a Planner task. I have such a flow set up now and I love it. For example, here is a screenshot of a recent Planner task that was created by my Power Automate flow. You can see that there is an attachment that links to the email the task was created from. When I click on that attachment, a new tab opens in my browser as expected. I love it (I tried to upload a screenshot, but I don't have permission to upload images).



However, I sometimes want to manually add a link to a particular email as an attachment on a Planner task. When I say "manually," I mean I want to open Planner, click "add attachment," and paste an email URL into the "address" field of the "add attachment" dialogue box.


Here's what I've tried so far

  • I've tried opening Outlook for the web, clicking on the email I want to link to, then copying and pasting the URL into the "address" field of the "add attachment" dialogue box. When I click on the Planner attachment created this way, a new tab opens in my browser and displays my Outlook inbox, but the particular email I wanted to link to is not selected.
  • I've also tried opening a task that was created from a flagged email using a Power Automate flow (described in 2 above), clicking "..." on the attached email, clicking "edit", and then copying the address. When I paste the URL I just copied into a new browser tab, the email opens as expected. Great! So, this URL works and I just need to paste it into the "address" field of the "add attachment" dialogue box in the new Planner task, right? Wrong! When I do that and then click on the attachment I just created, a new browser tab opens with an error message that says, "This message may have been moved or deleted."

In my attempt to understand why this would be the case, I copied the URL from the tab opened by the first (working) attachment created by Power Automate into a text editor. I did the same thing for the browser tab with the error shown above that opens when I click on the new task attachment.


They are similar, but not identical. Specifically, where the first (working) Item ID contains "%2Bo", the second (non-working) ItemID contains "%20o". I suspect this has something to do with the problem, but I don't know why that change to the URL is being made or what to do about it. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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