Introducing recurring tasks and grid features in Planner
Published Jan 10 2023 10:09 AM 34.5K Views
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We’re excited to share that the Recurring Tasks and Grid features have now launched in Planner!  


Recurring Tasks 

You can reduce extra work by easily setting up automatic repeating tasks for daily, weekly, or monthly recurrence – and many other interval options – with custom repeat settings. This feature was highly requested by our users, and we greatly appreciate the feedback!


Some examples where this may come in handy include: 

  • Monthly report 
  • Weekly progress review 
  • Daily scrum meeting 
  • Quarterly Planning 
  • Yearly Review and Planning 

Specify task recurrence 

  1. In Board view, select the task card to view its Details panel.  
  2. Set task timing parameters using the Start date and Due date fields.  
  3. Select the adjacent Repeat field to open the Repeat menu and choose a recurrence interval: Daily, Weekdays (M-F), Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.  
  4. Optionally select Custom to open the Custom repeat pane. Explore and select from a range of options, including Day/Week/Month/Year, specific Weekdays, specific Month date, and Yearly due date, etc. 




Q: I don’t see all the future occurrences of my task, is this normal? 

A: Yes! You will only have one active occurrence of a task at any point of time. The next occurrence will be created once the current one is marked as complete. If you wish to see future occurrences, you can navigate to the Schedule view to see project future tasks.  


Q: What happens if I remove the due date on a task? 

A: Your task will no longer be recurring.  


Q: What happens if I delete the active recurring task? 

A: You will be asked whether you want to delete just the active task or all future tasks in the series as well. 


Read up more on the feature here: Recurring tasks in Planner - Microsoft Support 


Grid View 

You can view your tasks in a convenient list using the new Grid view. This view enhances the way you interact with and understand the tasks that make up your plan, allowing you to easily add new tasks, make quick edits, and see more details about each item without the need to open individual task details. 


The Grid view is available within any plan as well as the Assigned to Me tab, which gives you a single place to view all tasks that are assigned to you across all of your plans. 


To get to the Grid view, simply select Grid at the top of your plan or Assigned to Me view. Here you can:


  • Click on any cell to change its value 
  • Select Add new task at the bottom of the grid to input information and hit Enter to create the task 
  • Check the circle to the left of any task to mark it complete 
  • Select Filter in the top right corner to filter by keyword, due date, priority, progress, labels, bucket, or assignment.  
  • Select the Open Details button on a task’s title cell to open the task details pane and see more information about any task 
  • Right-click or select the More Options button to perform other actions on a task, such as delete and copy link  

Grid gif.gif


We'd love to hear your thoughts on other ways we can help you and your team organize and stay on top of work in Planner. Please feel free to post a comment below or submit any feedback directly through our feedback portal. And keep visiting our Tech Community Blog for all the latest Planner news. 


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