Add up to 25 embedded, editable labels to your tasks

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Labels in Planner are visual cues, drawing attention to a particular set of tasks for a particular reason. For example, you might use labels to tag tasks with the same completion requirements, dependencies, or issues, and then filter your plan on those labels to zero-in on related tasks. In short, labels are a quick, visual way to categorize similar tasks.


But we’ve long heard that the current catalogue of labels (six total) isn’t enough; in fact, adding more labels to Planner is one of the very top asks on UserVoice. This update has been on our radar as long as yours, so we’re thrilled to announce that there are now 25 labels available in Tasks in Teams and Planner on all platforms and in most environments. (GCC availability is coming in March.)




Each of the 25 labels is a different color, and each can be edited with whatever text you’d like. More labels mean more options for getting a similar group of tasks done right: flagging more risks, signaling more reasons for a delay, prompting reviews from more people, and tagging more departments, to name a few.


We’re constantly chipping away at big and small asks alike from UserVoice, and invite you to submit your ideas for improving Planner and Tasks in Teams to that site. In the meantime, keep checking our Tech Community Blog to see which ask we address next.

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Great to see this highly requested feature is released! For me, this is definitely enough for my daily work.

Our customers hit the previous limit quite often, therefore I'm curious how often they will hit the 25 labels limit. :lol: 

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So helpful in Planner.  Was able to add "Blocked Business" and "Blocked IT" as two new lables, and then delete the Blocked bucket.  Now blocked work can remain in the correct bucket, but be labeled as blocked.  I could not find a way to move the colors I wanted (RED and ORANGE to draw attention) up behind the existing 6 colors.  I wanted the colors used to be at the top, so I don't have to scroll down to get the ones I want, and the yet to be defined to be grouped together.  Great change though, but if anyone finds a way to reorder the colors let me know.  :smile:

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How can I sort the view in 'group by label' view better? I can't drag/drop alongside so end up with a bucket with 'no label' heading, then a bucket with 'pink' with no cards under then a few buckets with labels but in no order across that I can fathom e.g. A-Z or other... then 'blue' then more labelled buckets... in no order, then lots of the new (lovely!) colors.. 


Can the ability to drag/move the bucket labels be possible in label group view please?

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Not only you can't sort your checklist, now you can't sort your colors. Those are unnecessary obstacles along the usability ....

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Is it possible to show the 'add label' option on the 'create task' first screen? So that there is no extra click necessary? 

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Would love to have these colors visible on the calendar view.

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I have added this as a user voice but would like the labels to display if it has been edited with a title. Right now, they display in the color order requiring users to scroll through to find the appropriate label. This is not user-friendly.

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This is great. It helps a lot. However, it seems as though there is also a possibility added in PowerAutomate to assign labels to a task you import from another 365tool (e.g. excell). However, it is utterly unclear how that works. Is there a place to find how that works?


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