Webinar June 19, 2024 | Introduction to Copilot Partner Led Immersion Experience
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Join us for a 45-minute session on June 19, 2024 on how to use the recently launched Partner-led Copilot Immersion Experience, providing partners the ability to demo and help customers with hands-on experiences.  
In this session, we will walk you through each of the assets to drive adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 by role/persona and provide you guidance on the best way to utilize and demo with your customers--showcasing how Copilot can help businesses solve common problems and achieve more.  
What is included?

  • Simulated click-thru demos for Sales, Marketing, HR, and Exec personas for each of the M365 apps. Finance, Legal, and Consulting personas are coming soon.
  • Facilitator Guide to help partners deliver a great experience
  • Participant Guide for end-users to follow along


‌How does it work?
Our guidance is to invite an entire department to a training session where you can spend 15 minutes showing what’s possible with Copilot using click-thru demos, 15 minutes for customers to try hands-on themselves with dummy content, and lastly 15 minutes for customers to progress their own projects by bringing their own files.


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