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Published Apr 11 2024 04:57 PM 4,827 Views
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By Justin Slade, Director, Global Partner Enablement


In the era of AI, technical readiness is essential for partners to help organizations implement solutions, grow their competitive advantage, mitigate risks, scale AI initiatives, drive innovation, and manage data efficiently. 


At Microsoft, we are committed to providing our partner community with regular opportunities to enhance and expand your technical knowledge to build AI-enabled, customer-focused solutions in a variety of modalities. These training courses are designed to improve the skills and overall knowledge of attendees in any role, whether you are an engineer developing AI and cloud solutions, or you work directly with customers on selling such solutions.  


By participating in these training courses, you'll be well-prepared to take full advantage of opportunities like the Microsoft AI Partner Training Roadshow, role-based training and certification resources, and depth-enablement workshops. 


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