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Jan 22 2024 08:00 AM - Mar 22 2024 02:00 PM (PDT) Add to calendar
Published on Nov 03 2023 02:31 PM (PDT) by Jill Armour Community Manager
Edited on Nov 03 2023 02:33 PM (PDT)

Registration opens 1/18.

Catalyst - eligibility, training and partner activities


From October 1 2023, it is no longer required that partners must obtain a minimum of 3 Catalyst accredited resources to execute the below Catalyst Partner Activities. Partners can execute any FY24 Business Applications Partner Activities as long as they meet the partner eligibility requirements.


Catalyst accreditation remains important for co-sell as Microsoft sellers will gravitate toward partners with Catalyst accreditations, AppSource tagging of Apps and Services, Solutions Partner for Business Applications designation partners, and partners with Specializations.


Catalyst partner training

Become Catalyst accredited by taking the on-demand Microsoft Catalyst Training Course. The Catalyst Partner Training is available to all Business Applications partners as well as any partner with an MPN ID.


Please find the FY24 training dates below

  • Session 1: 8/28/23 – 10/27/23 (registration opens 8/24)
  • Session 2: 11/6/23 – 1/12/24 (registration opens 11/2)
  • Session 3: 1/22/24 – 3/22/24 (registration opens 1/18)
  • Session 4: 4/1/24 – 5/31/24 (registration opens 3/28)

Catalyst Partner Activities

Partners have the flexibility to choose from a set of the below Catalyst activities and can deliver each activity category once per customer opportunity. You can request funding for and learn more about the Catalyst Partner Activities here.

  1. Envisioning Workshop - Catalyst engagement to identify opportunities for digital transformation and expand deal size.
  2. Business Value Assessment - Catalyst engagement to establish a business case by connecting desired business outcomes to product opportunities.
  3. Solution Assessment - Catalyst engagement to tailor a solution roadmap for how the customer organization will achieve digital transformation goals.


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Catalyst Community Calls

Microsoft Catalyst 3rd Party Tools Overview Calls: September 6-7

September 6, 8am-9am PST: Recording | Deck

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  • Klaxoon

September 7, 8am-930am PST: Recording | Deck

  • Shark Finesse
  • LUMA Institute
  • Mavim
  • 2Win! On Demand


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