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an interesting outcome from a support ticket - details as below.

I personally think this is not very smart by Microsoft because I think they should support partners who are cross-selling and expanding an existing customer account.
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As a partner you can get funding only once eg for running an Envisioning Workshop for the same customer.

Scenario: Our customer is interested in D365 Sales and in D365 Finance & SCM. Customer wants to roll out these applications in phases, let’s say D365 Sales in 2024 and D365 Finance & SCM in 2025.
For both rollouts they want to start FIRST with an Envisioning Workshop and expect the workshops will be funded by Microsoft.

Question: We start with phase 1 in 2024 by running an Envisioning Workshop for D365 Sales, which is funded by Microsoft. We continue with phase 2 in 2025 by running (again) an Envisioning workshop but now for D365 Finance & SCM. Will this (second) Envisioning Workshop be funded by Microsoft?

Answer: No, only the first ENV WS will be funded (in 2024 for D365 Sales). We are not eligible for a funded ENV WS for D365 Finance & SCM in 2025. :suprised:



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I agree that it's a shame you can't use the Envisioning workshop multiple times on the same customer. But the documentation does say; it's a Business Applications Envisioning workshop funding, not a D365 Sales, or D365 UO, or PL, etc. workshop. 

Means you indeed can only utilize this Envisioning workshop once per customer for the entirety of the Bus.Apps. suite, not per product. 


It's a shame indeed, but unfortunately what it is. 

Thanks Martijn for your comments.
When you refer to "documentation", which documentation did you have in mind? I'd appreciate if you could point me to the relevant document on the partner cetner (?), like URL or file name.
Thanks heaps!

The Partner Incentives Guide has a lot of details on the Pre-/Post-Sales Activity Fundings.

You can download here: removed Microsoft Confidential Information



As a friendly reminder, the link to the Microsoft Commerce Incentives policy guide cannot be posted because it is Microsoft Confidential Information :smile:.



Partners & Indirect Providers can log into Partner Center to access this guide.


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The link is locked behind partner login, authentication is still required to be able to download it. So didn't share anything that unauthorized people can see/download.

Otherwise, here's the homepage link (which also requires partner login to get to the resources):

Hey Martijn,
I suspect you mean the file "Microsoft Commercial Partner Incentives Guide (1March2024).pdf" - right?
Which page are you referring to, as it sounds that one particular page out of this 200+ page long document is specific about funding for Env WS.
Yes. It's listed under Business Applications Incentives --> Partner Activities Pre-Sales. There you can find all pre-sales activity fundings, including the envisioning workshop. Not sure which page tho..