What kind of OWA layout is this?

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I use the new Edge for Outlook Web Access and sometimes the UI shows up like in the attached file, instead of the usual multiple-panes layout like this. A few days ago, I would just manually rewrite the URL to https://outlook.office.com/mail/ and the layout would fix itself. But since yesterday, I cannot get the normal layout. 


This problem only happens sometimes. It's very irritating. Does anybody experience the same thing?

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This looks like the mobile experience. Not sure how Safari handles things, but check the user agent string and any relevant settings (for example in Chrome you can switch to mobile view via developer tools).

@Vasil Michev I'm using the new Edge, not Safari. I looked at the settings for Developer Tools in Edge and in fact it is showing desktop (not mobile). 

@Iqbal Preet Aytan I tried. The URL is showing https://outlook.office.com/mail/0/inbox but the layout is still not the normal multi-pane for desktop. 

Note: my Outlook is work subscription, not the free version.