Was there an update to Outlook's Web App?

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Hey everyone! Did the OWA update last night or something? I ask because I now have a "Home" and "View" tab above the usual action ribbon, but... I see absolutely no other change, lol. I'm so sad because my injected SS is ruined :'(

What's interesting is that an image from an article posted a month ago about the new OWA has the same toolbar I am looking at, but the rest is the old OWA... also interesting is that I am on a business account (365 through GoDaddy) and NO ONE has had this happen to theirs.

Image of the ribbon: https://imgur.com/YuZeesc (help, I want to go back :'( )

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It was back to normal the same day few hours later, but now I have those new tabs again :(
Hi codyBLG,
I have the same thing on one of my Office365 accounts while another account is the old way. The article you posted is about a new Windows Outlook version (based on the web) they are working on. I would imagine Microsoft is going to standardize the look of the web app and the new One Outlook app (the one you posted about). I guess you are not a big fan of the new look. I think you will be forced to use it soon. Personally I like it. Makes the web app look and feel more like the desktop app.