Viva Insights assisted Out of Office messages?

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As every year in summer who doesn't receive an OOO like "I'll be back by January 5th 2022"? We're 2023... OOPS!

How about adding the possibility in Viva Insights to plan your OOO:
(Checkbox) Please send OOO messages (when status is OOO in my Outlook agenda)
- activate it from x hours prior and after the OOO
(for example 24h as often suggested in time management trainings)
- X will be my back-up
- mails forwarded Y/N?

An internal OOO message should then start with "back on date" so as a colleague in Teams, I can just hover the status to be informed of the date.
An external OOO message could be generated with placeholder text for dates and names. When an OOO appraoches Insights can remind me 2 days prior to check my back-up.

Don't you think this would be a great improvement?

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