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Good morning all!

So my guess is that it is not possible but tried to do some research anyway with no luck so I'll ask the Microsoft community...


I'm with IT at a company that uses Office 365 (including Outlook of course) and we use Active Directory for user accounts. We had a user submit a helpdesk ticket some time ago that wanted to have someone else's calendar from their department added to another team's manager's calendar list.


In Outlook, in the Calendars section, users of departments can view each other's calendars within their department from looking under "Team:Manager'sName" in the left pane. So for example, in my Outlook, I go to my calendars and I can see "Team:MyManager'sName" and view everyone's calendar who also reports to my manager.


Not sure of the best way to describe it so I'll use the scenario (with made up names):

Beth's manager is Jack so Beth's calendar is included in Jack's team so if someone within Jack's team goes to calendars and looks under "Team: Jack," they'll see Beth's calendar along with everyone else that reports to Jack. Karen's manager is Richard so the same goes for Karen's situation with Richard's team.


Beth asked if we were able to add Karen to Team Jack so that Karen would appear in Jack AND Richard's teams in the Calendar section.


Is that possible to have a user part of 2 "teams" in the Calendars section of Outlook? Or is this a scenario where Karen should just share her calendar out to who she wants to give access to? I'm not even sure if this would be an Outlook inquiry or if this would be an AD thing...


Anyone have any insights, suggestions, or a simple "no that's not possible, she'll just have to share her calendar"??


Thank you in advance to all you that help!!

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No that's not possible as the calendar group is built based on the manager relationship, and you can only have a single manager per user.
Thanks for the reply! That's kind of what I thought but I wanted to get verification before I let the user know.