Update Series without Moving Occurrences

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Often times one meeting in a series (an occurrence) will change to a new date or time, because of conflicts. Everytime I attempt to update the series with new attendee or location info, the future Occurrences revert back to the original series time and that's not what I want.

My series (hypothetical) occurs every Tues (2-3p) through the end of the year, and today is Tuesday Feb 8. Next week's meeting, which would be Tues 2.15 (2-3p) needs to push to Weds (1-2p). Now I need to add a few additional attendees to the entire series but don't want to disturb the occurrence that moved to Wed (1-2p). To be clear, I do want the attendees added to the Occurrences as well because theyre a part of the series. Keep in mind, many instances or Occurrences in this series have changed throughout the year because I manage a calendar and to avoid conflicts we move these future instances around. however, anytime I attempt to update the entire series, all the Occurrences revert back to the original series schedule of (every Tue (2-3p) ) and thats not what I want.

Do I make the update to the occurrence or the series ?

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