Unable to expand mail-distribution group with more than 100 members, in Outlook calendar section

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In our organisation we have a mail-distribution group with slightly over 100 members.

Our users can add that group to their list of calendar groups, but are unable to expand it - getting an error as shown in below screenshot:




Other groups with fewer members are expanded without issues.


So now I just want to know if this is a known limitation "by design" or if it should be possible to expand such groups with more than 100 members?

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It's by design. Do you really need to see all 100 calendars? Just add the user directly instead.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks for clearing that up. I just find it strange that this is not stated clearly anywhere...


I think the user does not want to show all 100+ calendars at the same time - he just wants to be able to expand that particular DG to see a list of every person who is member of it (the group in question contains all employees in a specific office).