Time span for published Outlook Calendar

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I have an Outlook PC calendar that is published to a WebDAV server. I used to have the option to publish the entire calendar but that's now greyed out and I'm limited to 60 days ahead. This has just changed fairly recently, Does anyone know if this is a "feature" or a bug?

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@MikeH1585 which version of Outlook? 

This is the dialog you are using? 90 days either side is the max in my Outlook.  The 90 days limit is a "feature". I'd say less than that is a bug. 






@Diane Poremsky 

That is the dialog I'm using and even though it allows me to pick 90 days the calendar will only show 60 days out. I'm using Outlook 365 version 16.0.16626.20134 which is the latest Microsoft 365 common channel version.