Task and ToDo

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It appears changes are coming to TASK and TODO. The drastic changes that are coming down for These options in Outloook will not make some very happy. 


For our clients who extensively use and manage their work through this, It seems an update made a change, and some cannot handle change, especially when the changes are drastic and without warning.


Here is what is happening.  This is an example: the User has a much more complex setup in Task:




In the Task, Categories are listed in color codes.  These can be set up to signify if something was completed.  Some Users have set these up extensively to signify certain parts of that task was completed or is needing to be done. 




For example, if the “Blue Category” were completed, to show this, a clear “Blue Category” would be clicked.



However, it still shows the Blue Category there….until



You exit out of the window and open it back up, and then it shows it cleared.


Is there a reason why this started?  It seems that if someone has a slightly older version of Outlook, it works.  The User can clear that category, and it immediately disappears without having to exit out of the open task.


The other issue results if a new category is selected and added only when the window is closed and opened back up.  It was shown that there is a column for the category that updates quickly, but they are not wanting it like that due to the way they search and orginize their task for all their clients they work with for these task.  


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