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I have an end user who is on Outlook 2016 with on-premise exchange and we here inbox only updates when I click "Update Folder" in send/receive ribbon.  


I tried cleaining the local cache on the inbox folder and let it rebuild as I found one article saying that this was a known issue.  


But the issue came back once it was fully synced again.  


I am stuck and what tricks to use to help troubleshoot, I hate rebuilding profiles as they are big distruption to the users day while their mailbox is downloading.  


Any ideas

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Try running Outlook in Safe mode or recreating the profile. How big is the OST?

7GB's so I try to hold the profile restore as a last resort


I haven't tried safe mode I will try that real quick

Putting it into safe mode actually made it stop working and even without safe mode it wasn't connecting.

I did check at the file location of and notice our Carbonite was grabbing this file to back up and I think this was causing conflict on the sync.

Once I stopped syncing it from carbonite it came back.

It sounds to me that it's switched to work offline mode. Go through the tabs (I'm not in front of a pc) and check that work offline is not enabled


Ah yes, forgot to mention disabling AV/scanning/backup software :)

For a proper sync of emails, one must verify the profile settings. Take a look on here to know: how to fix Outlook sync issue