Sync Automatic Replies to ONLY go on when your Outlook Calendar is set to Out of Office

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Hello! I'm not sure if this is even something Outlook can actually do (would surprise me actually if it can't if I'm being honest), but I figured I'd ask anyway.


I'm very active in school programs and have a lot of emails to sift through and reply to every day. I also work 4 days a week 7a-2p or 5p. I have my work hours in my Outlook calendar and have the times I'm working set to "Out of Office".


Is there a way to send automatic replies whenever my Outlook Calendar is set to say I'm Out of Office? I want to be able to receive emails and notifications for them any time I'm not working, but some things we do are time sensitive and I want to be able to send automatic messages to people so they can contact someone else during the hours I'm absent. Most of the "fixes" I've seen are for all day events and Automatic Replies still need to be activated manually.


If anyone can assist, I would appreciate it! Thanks so much, hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful day :)

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Outlook does not yet have a way to automatically enable OOF. You might be able to use power automate to set OOF but I have not tried it.
That’s what I thought! Seems like a good idea, then :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: