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Does anyone have some update bout the roll out status for outlook share to teams feature? According to the roadmap, it should be done by Q1, and I asked MSFT, they said April. We still do not have it in our tenant. Any update would be highly appreciated




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@Jin Chen Hello Jin, I hear you. I've been following ID 57389 for a long time and it's frustrating. I suppose this feature ID is affected by similar circumstances as a couple of others that has been withdrawn to the "development stage". I just recently got an update from Microsoft regarding the 'Skype Consumer' roll-out which was put on hold. Probably it all comes down to prioritization from the product team, as well as making sure the features are cleared to push out globally.

Thank you for your comments. Only in April, I got an update from Microsoft it would be roll out by the end of April. Now it is delayed. Seems many features with teams that suppose to roll out in April is delayed. I guess we have to wait and see

Any news on this? Also been waiting for this feature for a long time now...and now it seems like the announcement that was published regarding this feature in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center has been removed... Also missing some other new features that should have been rolled out by now, like the new location of new chat button for example..