Setting an auto-response rule in Outlook 365 webmail

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I have a shared mailbox where I need to set up an auto-response that will reply to each email, not just the first received from a sender. However, the only way I can access the settings to do this is through webmail. I've tried looking this up elsewhere, and all the tips/tricks/fixes are to create a rule that replies using a template, but the screen shots/instructions are all using the app, not webmail. When I try to set up a rule in the webmail, "reply with" or "reply using template" is not an option. I only get certain "actions" in a drop-down menu. I'm afraid this might mean that it's not possible to do what I want, but I'm hoping maybe someone has another suggestion. Thanks.

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You can add the shared mailbox as "additional account" in Outlook by following the steps here:
Once you do that, you can access the rules and all other functionalities, just like with regular mailbox.

@Vasil Michev  I can access emails for the shared box in Outlook, but cannot change any settings. Even if I'm in the shared email inbox, it only lets me make/modify rules for my personal account. 

Again, you need to add it as additional account to access this functionality.