Searching File History PSTs

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Is there any way to search Windows File History PSTs for deleted calendar entries (or emails) without using Outlook's Data File Mangement to load specific PSTs individually? I realize the answer is probably no, but I thought I would ask.

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Yes it is!
Actually no it's not, but I wanted to give you some hope for a moment. :)
What you could do is import the PST files into a shared mailbox in Exchange Server or Online, which will index faster than your computer and therefore make it easier/faster to find the content.
Or stick them into eDiscovery by importing them back into a user account first.

Thank you for your response. I have a fast and large PC and use X1 to index all my files including all of Outlook. I rarely use Outlook's own search capabilities right now. I think what I will do is the first of every month I will add my lastest File History PST and on the fifteenth of every month I will remove the File History PST that would then be about 45 days old. With X1, I will index only my main PST so that I will not get multiple X1 search results from multiple PSTs. Then when I want to find a missing item, I will expand one or both File History PST's folders and use Outlooks's own search capability to find my missing item.


That solves the problem for me, but not for non-X1 users. I never have missing items in my Archive PST.