Search bar issue in Outlook 365

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Unfortunately a new problem has occurred in Outlook (since I installed the new Windows version May 2020 the problems are multiplying).
The search bar that was usually in the following position has disappeared (see image):


And instead it is now at the top of the Outlook window (see image):

Ashampoo_Snap_venerdì 12 giugno 2020_06h43m45s_001_.png




I can't move it in any way but the biggest problem is that I can't use all the search fields I used before this problem anymore.
Can someone help me?
Thank you all!

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That's by design and cannot be changed. And yes, there are few known issues with limited functionality, Microsoft is working on addressing those.


Microsoft made changes in Outlook Search which are for them logical somehow. Yet they forgot that people are using Outlook .... let me rephrase that: they ignored the fact that people are using Outlook. There have been a LOT of negative comments about this since April 2019 when this was announced. Even the Inside testers were negative yet Microsoft ignored it all and now there is a literary rain of complaints about it.
You can give your feedback of this change on  ... you will also see that you are not alone: on that page, but also here on this forum, there are many many complaints about this change.