Right-click and drag into new email gone in new version

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Microsoft Outlook Version 1.2023.411.200 (Production)

Client Version is 20230414002.01


Using the "Try New Outlook" toggle...In a new email message, can we no longer right-click a file from file explorer and drag it into the email body and select "Create Hyperlink Here"?  If that's the case, it may be a big problem for some companies (like mine).  We utilize this a lot to link to files stored on our network.  When I try to do it now, it just adds the file as an attachment.  The workaround that I found is to do this in word and then copy/paste the link created into the new email message, but that's annoying. :facepalm:


Anyone know of another (just as easy) way of doing this in the new version (noted at the top)? Or if this feature will return?


Thanks in advance!!

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I have MS Outlook Version 1.2023.418.200 (Production) and Client is 20230421002.09. The file drag into the email body works. I tried pictures and excel files. Hope this helps.

@ssperbeckdcna Yeah, I know you can LEFT-click and drag any file into the body to add the file to the message as an attachment.  What I'm talking about is RIGHT-click and dragging a file into the body of an email and when you let go of the mouse button, you can select the option to "Create a hyperlink here":


@kdub1985 There is a change in Drag and Drop capabilities in the New Outlook.  I also, switched the "Try new Outlook" toggle.  After it did the new install, and migration ... it basically looks and feels like the Web Outlook.


I ALWAYS drag file attachments that people sent me in email ... into an appropriate SP / One drive folder, and then send people back the link to the shared document.  However, that Drag and Drop FROM New Outlook email attachments ... no longer works.


Its important enough of a feature, that I had to Toggle back to the original outlook.


This now forces Outlook to work like Gmail (which drives me crazy).  Save to file to the default shared location, then I have to go back out, find the file ... and then move it.  UGH.  Microsoft, we need to do better then Gmail.


Any response from MS on this thread?



I concur, the right click and drag to hyperlink workflow that is missing is a huge issue for me as I am sure it is for a lot of people. Unless someone can confirm that sending via the sharepoint/onedrive option is doing the same thing without creating a copy of the file then it is ok. But I doubt that is the case. It is probably creating a duplicate.