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A new button called "All Apps" showed up on the left side of my Email "Home" tab today.  But when I try to "Customize Ribbon..." to remove it, the button does not show up.  My ribbon was already full, so this unneeded and completely unnecessary button cause my entire ribbon to re-layout.  How can I remove it?


See the attached for a screenshot.

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I'm not sure how I missed it the first time, but there is a checkbox to turn it off in "Options / Advanced / Outlook panes".
But in keeping with my experience that Microsoft doesn't test with real users, turning off the button ALSO moves my "Email/Calendar/Contacts" toolbar from the left rail (where I want it) to the bottom (where I don't). Please tell me there's a way to leave the toolbar where it was AND turn off the button?
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Unfortunately, you can not have both. You can not remove the All Apps icon from the left navigation. 


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In case anyone lands here with the same goal:

The best solution I've come up with is to turn off "Show apps in Outlook", so I don't get a Ribbon button I can't remove. I then added Mail, Calendar, and Contacts buttons to my Quick Access Toolbar and moved the QAT below the ribbon. I now have three buttons above my left nav pane to jump between the three main views I use. I don't have to go to the bottom of the left nav pane to get that functionality. It sure would be nice though not to give us a Ribbon button we can't remove.


Update: Added screenshot.

Thanks JayAtNFT. I also came across this useless button in the ribbon and was confused why Microsoft doesn't allow you to turn it off when you customize the ribbon. I turned off the hidden option as you said under options -> advanced and I'll just live with the changed layout. Microsoft continues to baffle with their untested feature updates.

@msdos3  Right?  This button just appeared out of nowhere.  When I click on it, Outlook tells me "You don't have any apps yet.  Select Add Apps to browse and install apps."  Unfortunately there is no button anywhere that I can find to Add Apps.  Thanks for nothing Microsoft!

Now after visiting this forum I went back into my Outlook screen and the All Apps button seems to have disappeared!  WTF!!!  Oh, no it hasn't.  It's now appearing at the far right just before the Send/Receive button.  I can live with the useless button there, but why is it here at all?  It was a royal pain having it in between my Reply/Reply All/Forward button and the Move to Folder button.  But now I'm wondering if the dang thing is going to keep moving around on the ribbon randomly.  What's going on, Microsoft?  How did the button move on its own without me making any changes to my settings?


Ah, wait!  It's just on the far right when I'm in my email items listing.  When I go into the individual message, it's back between my two most used buttons!  Thanks too Microsoft for making everything so inconsistent!

I think you have selected to sync a folder in Drive C: such as documents or any folders beside the documents.


Yes, thank you for that helpful hint!  I turned off the Apps and added Mail, Calendar, and Contact in the Quick Access Bar, which I've left ABOVE the ribbon where I already had it set.  Now I can switch between mail, calendar, and contacts from either the top left of the screen or the bottom left!  I love having choices!!!!