"Find Related" search in Outlook does not work

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If I try to use the "Find Related" search in Outlook, it returns no results, ever. I just updated my O365 and no change. So I have the latest updates. 


Any suggestions?

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The Find Related function has been deprecated in Outlook for the web. There are several ways to use this feature.


Method 1: Use the brackets in the search bar

Online: In the search bar, type your keywords, subject, or person. The results will appear.


Desktop: In the search bar, type [Conversation]:="add keywords or subject title here". With this method, you have to type in the command every time you want to find a series of messages.



Method 2: Bypass the Find Related feature and use Group Conversation

Online: You can bypass the manual effort with Find Related Conversations and enable the Group into Conversation feature.  This option groups all related messages automatically in ascending or descending order. You can expand to see all messages and choose to show deleted message.  When you move an email to a folder and choose "all mailboxes," all conversations in the inbox, sent, and other folders are shown.


Give it a try.  You will no longer have to find conversations manually.


Enable Group into Conversation feature:

  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Scroll to find Arrange message list in the Quick Settings area
  • Select Group into conversations
  • Determine if you want the latest messages located at the top (first) or bottom (last).
  • Repeat these steps in you want to show each message separately



In case, Microsoft remove this setting for the Quick Settings area, or you want to show/hide the deleted items with your results, complete the steps below.

  • Click on the Settings icon then View all Outlook Setting located at the bottom of the screen
  • From Mail then Layout, scroll to Message organization and choose Show email grouped by conversation
  • You can choose to show the latest message at the top, bottom or return to show emails individually
  • Now you have the choice to show or hide the deleted items with your email conversations.



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