Quickparts without line breaks?

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Hi guys.  I just discovered Quickparts and find it super useful for what I do.  However, the automatic line break is creating a lot of unnecessary keystrokes for me.  Is there a way to prevent Quickparts from automatically moving to the next line after inserting a block?  


Basically I have a lot of sentences that I type over and over again, so i've turned those all into Quickparts blocks.  If I didn't have the line breaks I could do a combination like:




and my email would be complete.  Instead, because of the automatic line break it's more like:


hi<F3> backspace space space 

u<F3> backspace space space 

ty<F3> backspace space space 


If you know of any way to prevent the line break I would really appreciate the information.  Thanks!

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I'm can reproduce this behaviour, but can also recreate the behaviour you want. Two possibilities.
1. You have the Option for the Quick Part in question set to 'Insert Content in it's own paragraph'.
2. You have included the line break or any other whitespace when you have selected the text to create the Quick Part. If I only select the characters that make up the word, no new line. Including a single extra character (which is the default selection mode) gives a new line.

@Lloyd Adams Hi Lloyd, thank you for the response.  So far I have not been able to find a solution.  Please see below:


1.  All my Quick Parts are set to "Insert content only."


2.  After reading this comment, I did some testing.  It doesn't seem to be whitespace that causes the line break, but rather punctuation marks.  I can select text with no punctuation at the end and the line break doesn't occur.  If I put a period or comma at the end of the same snippet, it creates a line break.   Even if there is no whitespace after the period, the selection area automatically expands to include two spaces after the punctuation, and presumably the line break.  It appears that Quick Parts cannot be edited, and the only way to add them seems to be to select text from an email body and hit "Save selection to Quick Part gallery."  The only solution I can see is to somehow change the selection behavior.  Is that possible? 


Ok, I found a solution. Toggling on "show paragraph marks" allowed me to see that the paragraph mark was being selected with the text if my text included a period. If I put spaces after between the period and the paragraph mark, I am able to just select the text and punctuation without auto-selecting the paragraph mark. Now I can create the Quick Parts without the paragraph ending mark that was causing my line break. Thanks for your help!
When the expansion expands, you could try Shift Left arrow - this will reduce the selection.