Question regarding rules and scripts

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So, I have many (many) rules that take incoming messages and automatically move them to sub-folders.  The only issue that I can see with this, is that I don't get a "new" message indicator or sound.  I know I can setup a rule to do that, but my experience with that is that it is cumbersome.


What I would like is for ALL email to come into the main Inbox folder during work hours and then in the evening, have a script run that runs my rules (or rules that I create in the script) to move them to the correct folder.


Has anyone attempted this with VBA or is it even possible?  Thanks.



Allen, TX

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Thanks, but not EXACLTY what I was attempting to do. For example, I have many rules for my incoming mail. Rules for financial, medical, etc., that automatically goes to the correct sub-folder when received. Now, I have the option of NOT marking it as automatically read and leaving it so that the number of unread messages in that sub-folder shows. BUT, I don't get an announcement, sound or anything when I use a rule for incoming mail, as I do when it goes to the Inbox.

So, what I want is to "re-create" my rules in VBA, possibly reading from a .ini for handling, that runs in the middle of the night. That way, all of my messages come in to my Inbox and then overnight, get moved to the correct sub-folder. If I had my way, it would leave the read / unread flag still set so that if I didn't get to it in the Inbox that day, it would still show a "count" of unread in each sub-folder.

I know I can set some sort of message pop-up for rules, but it is nowhere near as robust as when it comes into the Inbox.

Any thoughts on this and has anybody attempted or heard of this being done?