Problems authencation many times on Outlook Express

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Dear all
I have problems on OE 2010, 2013, 2016, O365 ...
I have tried the following ways:
- Search Credential Manager in the search bar Windows Credentials Delete all the Microsoft credentials Add a generic credential called Outlook and add the username/password that will be used.
- Change new password and create a new user profile through control panel Reload outlook.
- Test connect to Mail server system is good
But still have problems.
If use Mail app on Windows 10; Thunderbird then I don't any problem.
Please help me.
Many thanks & best regard.

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Hi @Tran_Hoa_Binh

As I can see from the screenshot which you've shared, it seems that:

  • It might be an IMAP server configuration issue
  • Try to reset your password
  • Switch the IMAP configuration to SSL (From port 143 to 993) if it's not secure.
  • Check your Windows Firewall, modify inbound rules, and add the port to "Allow the connection"
  • Contact your service provider, if they did any changes on the mail server, they need to provide a new configuration.
Dear SalmanAhmed
Thank for your respond
But when use other app mail client (Mail, Thunderbird ...), I don't see similar problems!!!
Best regards.

You're most welcome. It seems that there is no issue with your password, firewall, and service provider's side. However, it might be a server configuration issue or caused by the port specification, and outlook is unable to detect it. It will be more transparent if you share a screenshot of the server configuration with the default port.


I send config on my OE.

Please help me review.

Many thanks


Tran Hoa Binh

Hi @Tran_Hoa_Binh 

I have the below suggestions:

  • Please check "Require logon using SPA (Secure Password Authentication)" for both incoming and outgoing
  • If not resolved from the above step, select Encryption method to "Auto"

Outlook ConfigurationOutlook Configuration


I tried follow suggest but not resolve this problem.

I have captured the packet, see the phenomenon that every time when have a pop-up, get Encrypted Alert.

Thanks you.



Tran Hoa Binh

Hi @Tran_Hoa_Binh,

As I can see from the logs, this is a simple Encrypted Alert, which is one type of notification/indication for the closing of the SSL/TLS session. Usually, the sender/transmitter sends this alert once there is no data to transmit.

Dear SalmanAhmed
Thank for your reponse.
Until now, I have tried all ways but the situation is still the same.
Can you help us how to resovle with this situation?
Many thanks.

Tran Hoa Binh

Hi @Tran_Hoa_Binh,

I've tested the SSL server endpoint through Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. I have verified the public certificate for validity, compatibility with Microsoft TLS 1.2, and cipher suite. However, it passed the test, the screenshots are attached.



Hi @Tran_Hoa_Binh,

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a great and comprehensive tool that we use to troubleshoot the numerous issues of the email servers, Microsoft Exchange on-prem, and Microsoft Exchange Online

Please follow the below link for Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, and perform some tests by yourself, (some tests required the full detail of the mail server along with password).