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I have shared an appointment with multiple participants. Now, every time I try to modify the appointment (time/textual content/cancel appointment), I get an error message. The text of the error message is: "One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match. To resolve the conflicts, open the items, and then try this operation again". At the appointment, the diamond symbol indicating a data conflict is visible. Suddenly, the appointment itself has also been added as an attachment. Deleting this appointment within the meeting does not help resolve the conflict. What can I do to resolve this data conflict? 

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Hi @apetin20,

you can try this options:

Option 1:

To mitigate the issue, you can use the Clear Offline Items for your calendar. This step clears the calendar items in the Outlook store (OST) on your local machine.   

To clear offline Calendar items, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Calendar pane in Outlook, and right-click the Calendar folder.

  2. Select Properties.

  3. On the General tab, select Clear Offline Items.

  4. Select OK.

After you clear offline items, Outlook will re-sync the calendar and repopulate your calendar folder with the calendar items on the server. 

Option 2:  

Make the meeting updates in Outlook Web Access (OWA) or use New Outlook. The conflict does not occur when updating or cancelling the meeting in OWA or New Outlook. 


Outlook shows conflict errors when updating or cancelling meetings - Microsoft Support

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