Problem sending PDF

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When i try to submit a PDF file, you must re-enter your account's login information every time.

I have Office 365, Windows 10 PRO

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Looks like the prompt is coming from Adobe Acrobat and not from Outlook. See if you can launch Adobe Acrobat and sign-in to it. Then try to attach a PDF and send it out via Outlook. 


Let me know if that works. 



Hello …
Problem when trying to send directly from PDF.
If I open Outlook and click Attach File, there is no problem.
But, if I set up the Windows 10 built-in mail program by default and try to send
through the Acrobat Reader, there's no problem.
The problem exists only when Outlook is set to defaultI removed the Adobe and installed FOXIT READER and the problem remained.



I would contact FOXIT support regarding that issue, there could a glitch/issue with the app itself. 


As a troubleshooting step, please uninstall and re-install the FOXIT s/w and do the same for Office. 

Also see if you can replicate this on a different machine.