Problem sending email from Outlook to OneNote

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I have been using OneNote to sort and save needed email messages, and have come to rely on it.

Using the OneNote drop down menu, I can easily select the proper book or page in OneNote to save the email message.  Beginning yesterday, the drop down menu no longer comes up, and any email selected goes to only one particular page in OneNote.  This is irritating and time consuming.  I feel I must've accidentally clicked on something to make this a permanent selection, and I cannot figure out how to undo it.  Any help would be most appreciated!

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@jba919   I did figure it out - Turns out I must have left a "select location in One Note" window open with out using it.  So, everytime I tried to use the feature on another email, it went direct to the page I had chosen but not used.  the window stayed in the background, so I didn't realize it until I was closing all my windows....



I'm having this same issue., and it is not yet resolved.

I'm unable to select the specific OneNote section I want to save my email to. When I select send to OneNote, it defaults to just the same section (it's the same section every time). Is there some setting to go to to restore my ability to pick any OneNote section that I want to? Thank you.



I am having the same issue.  Email sent to the same spot each time with no available option to change the location like I used to have!