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I have received above mail recently from ‘member-services@outlook’. It’s happens same time when I was trying to send mail and can’t; as a pop up notification shows that “my account has been suspended” so I was confused and thought this mail comes from Microsoft. So I clicked on verify your account. In the pop up also have an option “support” which open a site on safari. But when I click that verify account from mail it’s redirected to a Microsoft site, it’s look like original and asked for password. After enter password Authenticator app try to verify, as my outlook account was linked to Microsoft Authenticator app also in same device. Then it ask my phone number to check my identity, when I entered my local number no message come, then I go back to app and try log in again, (it’s takes time because it was asking for app update), after use my another number that was belongs to my phone device, and a 4 digit access code I have received from Microsoft in same message thread, normally all Microsoft verification codes I received in this thread before! Then it shows verify complete and ask to continue. I tried to send mail but same notification popped up. So I search about that mail address online and found that it’s may be a scam! I removed that outlook account from outlook app, open Authenticator app using Face ID and change that outlook account password, set 2-way verification and codes. Also restart the device and use browser to check that account and mail, found normal. So I do login again using outlook mail with new password and this time I was able to send the mail. Still found no unfamiliar activity with my mail account (like: too many junk, too mail send to unknown people) and device (like: unknown app, unknown site visited through safari).

Now I would like to ask;

(1) does ‘member-services@outlook’ is a fake site?

(2) Do I need to take further steps to stay safe As I click those link mentioned in that mail

(3) Do I need to reset my device to stay away from malware/spyware? I am using iPhone with latest iOS version and all app installed from App Store only.

Please help on this matter.

Thanks in advance

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