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I recently switched my domain registrar from Google to GoDaddy following Outlook menu so I could setup a personalized email address. Once I received the confirmation form GoDaddy that the transfer was completed, I went back to "manage premium" "personalized email address" "get started", chose "I already have a GoDaddy domain, entered my domain for verification. At this point I get the message "Something went wrong, please try again later". I've been trying for a few days now and get the same message. I called GoDaddy and they confirm my domain account is all fine. Does anyone known what the problem is?

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I'm getting the same problem with my domain. It's working with other domain that i have with Godaddy.


Did you figured what was wrong ?

Same problem here, I transfered my domain, waited overnight and still having the same problem, all lookups are showing godaddy as registrar so do not know what the issue is

You need to talk to the right person at Godaddy, they need to make some change in the domain settings to allow Outlook to access the domain. Now it’s working for me but it’s extremely confusion how to make it work.