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I have been trying to convert to an online experience, but I cant seem to get my signature right. I opened my desktop version and tried to copy and past the signature, but the image did not transfer. But even when I saved the image, the format changed between web vs desktop version. Here is what I mean:

Web Signature looks good.Capture.PNG

But the Desktop one is spacey.



And here is my original email signature from the desktop.



Is there a way for my signature to remain constant between web and desktop?


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It's the difference between line breaks and paragraphs. When you create a new line with SHIFT+ENTER, you'll create a line break. When you use just ENTER, then you'll create a paragraph.


As for the images; It is recommended to place these on a webserver and link to them instead of embedding them into your signature. This will also keep the message smaller but some people may not see them directly unless they confirm that it is OK to download the pictures from the Internet. This is however quite standard these days.

Perfect! That did the trick. I was just copying something my company had sent me to use. I didn't realize I could edit the "Enter". Thanks a million!