Outlook Web Access - Drag & drop of mail attachments or mails to SP site

Steel Contributor

We've created for several SP sites a Site Mail box object.

In the full Outlook client and in the OWA version we can see the SP sites with the Inbox folder and the document libraries that are available within the SP site.

With the full Outlook client we can drag/drop mails & mail attachments to the document libraries and their folders.

However with the OWA client (using MSIE11 or Google Chrome) the drag & drop is not working as expected.

The mails & mail attachments are not moved to the corresponding SP site.

What are we missing?


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Works fine for me. OWA can be glitchy at times though, after performing the drag&drop operation make sure to give it some time or simply reload the window.


P.S. Site mailboxes are deprecated, try using Office 365 groups instead.

Hi Vasil, tx for your prompt reply.

I've tried this already multiple times, with multiple users and we all experience the same issue.

We're aware of Office365 groups as the future alternative.

For the moment we've disabled the use of Office Groups, but we do understand that we've to turn it on in the nearby future I we want to follow the road that MS is sketching.