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Let's say I send out an email with a question.


Are you ok ?  Voting "Yes" or "No"


I want to restrict the email reply to the voting only.


I don't want to get a reply without having the vote registered. I am getting replies from recipients with Yes or No in the body of the email without them having used the voting button. How can I restrict the reply to the voting buttons only?


Additionally, some recipients are on outlook on iphones - they don't get  to see the voting buttons. Is it possible to vote on a recipients behalf - Something similar to - Voted "Yes" by Sender on behalf of the recipient. 

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Hi @PPAL007, could you explain in details how an Outlook form can solve you problem?
See Item 5 in the link. It disables the reply button.
Yes it disables the Reply button on the sender's end.
But what about the recipient?

Same - Recipient can't reply (their reply is disabled too) if it is an an internal mail on the same domain (eg. running on exchange email.

They are forced to vote before email can be sent back.


You have to set up your form , publish it and the load it from the "Personal Forms Library"


Tested it at work - it works (but only on the PC)  as i wanted.  Outlook on iphone still allows you to reply.

Does not work  if the mail is sent outside the business domain. eg if sent to Gmail or hotmail or to outlook on the iphone  from your business.