Outlook Unreliable

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I have to say, that given the resources that Microsoft has and the longivity of the product, outlook has to be one of the buggiest, unreliable softwares that I use.   The Preview pane, constantly resets, the ribbon dissapears, indexing stalls, it crashes often, blocking senders rarely works and entering times and dates on tasks and appointments can be a challenge and so complicated that even the support staff can't find out why it works the way it does.  Outlook is only half-baked and they really need to start focusing on the many areas which were just left as "good enough" and moved on.  I've been using desktop for 40+ years and it has only gotten worse over that time it seems.  I'm now on 365 home desktop. It doesn't even sync with Android calendar without an add-in, which put me back over $100.  Unbelievable!

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