Outlook Sync Error 17193 for Received Emails - No Emails in Search for All Mailbox Over 30,000

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https://i.imgur.com/hLbOtZp.png (screenshot of sync error)


10 Emails getting 17193 Error code (every single minute of every single day)


2 Emails from me (small files & receivers had no issues opening)

8 Emails from others (I had no issues reading & opening attachments)

All 10 emails have small files sizes (I have sent & received emails w/ bigger files)


Did Search ALL MAILBOX for attachments over 30,000 but there are NO emails


I know the error code says it's a file size issue, but I know for a fact it is NOT a file size issue.


What files (cache? cookies?) do I delete in the two folders below?

Path: Library - Containers - Microsoft Outlook - Data - Library

Path: Library - Mail - V9

I have tried deleting the .log file in the Diagnostic folder and nothing happens.

Please help me find what file to delete.

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