Outlook stuck on Loading profile

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Hi. had an update from Microsoft this morning. After the update cannot load Outlook; keep on getting stuck at "Loading profile". restarted computer several times, followed the fix suggested by Microsoft (task manager solution) but nothing seems to get me back into Outlook. read online other fixes, but no success.

Any real Microsoft support people on here ? who can follow up on chats ? would certainly be appreciated.


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@JEANMARC1407- Win 7 or Win10? And already tried reinstalling the apps again?

Does it load up the Microsoft credential prompt?



Have you gone to the Mail Control Panel applet and built a new Outlook profile for the user?  Outlook profiles get corrupted and need to be rebuilt occasionally.  Solves issues for me probably 95% of the time.

Thank you all for responding. I ended up restarting my computer 4-5 times, disabled my Norton and played around. Some how it came back at some point, but not without beeing on this issue for a couple of hours. Just wish Microsoft would get their acts together. we are not all Tech savy and going thru profile stuff and whatever else is not easy.

Thanks again for answering.